General Contractors Insurance

Coverages: General Contractors

General contractors, sometimes referred to as construction managers or project managers, use their knowledge of the construction industry to supervise the building, renovating, and retrofitting of any number of structures. You may find them working on commercial properties, private residences, and government-owned structures.
Traditionally, general contractors work under the “design-bid-build” model. They bid on a project
after the architects and engineers have designed it. Once their bid is accepted, they oversee the project to the end. “Overseeing” includes…

• Providing materials and equipment.
• Managing personnel.
• Setting schedules.
• Preparing budgets.
• Hiring subcontractors.
• Getting permits.
• Securing the property.
• Disposing of waste.

Contractors Insurance Brokers offer coverage for most risks in many industries.
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Common Coverage’s needed are:

General Liability Insurance. A general contractor can be sued long after their work is completed. And if a finished project physically hurts someone, everyone who worked on the structure can be sued over the injury. That’s why it’s important to make sure your client’s GL policy has Products-Completed Operations coverage, which can cover these kinds of lawsuits.

Property Insurance. General contractors may need Property Insurance to protect their commercial storage or real estate and all their tools, equipment, and furnishings. But they may also need…
∘∘ Inland Marine Insurance. This
policy can pay to replace or repair
a contractor’s tools when they are
lost or damaged in transit or at a
∘∘ Builder’s Risk Insurance. While
construction is underway, it
may be the general contractor’s
responsibility to protect the
structure. They can likely draw on
their Builder’s Risk coverage in
case wind, fire, vehicles, vandalism,
or theft destroys the building before it’s completed.

Contractor’s Equipment Insurance.
A Contractor’s Equipment policy helps protect your client’s mobile equipment. “Mobile equipment” refers to bulldozers, loaders, and digging equipment.
∘∘ Commercial Auto Insurance. If the
general contractor’s business owns
vehicles, they may need Commercial
Auto Insurance. The policy can also
cover personal autos that are used
for work.
∘∘ License Bonds / Permit Bonds. Local
and state governments usually
require general contractors to have
License and Permit Bonds before
they can do any work. The insurer
issues the bond as a guarantee that
the general contract can fulfill their
licensing obligations and follow building regulations.

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